A group of friends sat around the arena and a gorgeous specimen of a horse lay peacefully on the ground.  There was not a mark on her.  We sat in stunned silence with random bursts of conversation, laughter or crying.  She was a perfect 4 year old Arabian mare with so much promise.  In seconds, a freak accident took her from us.  The owner and breeder of this wonderful mare was in shock.  This was her second loss in recent weeks.

Our beautiful friend has had more than her share of hardships in her life, especially in the last several years.  But she is strong.  She is resilient.  She had beaten all the odds and had much to look forward to.  In May of this year, she brought three of her precious desert bred Arabians from her old breeding farm in New England to the warmth of the California summer.   They had a great new place to live and she looked forward to putting two of them in training here by fall. 

A couple of weeks ago, her oldest mare stepped on a nail in pasture.  It went straight up through her navicular bursa and into her navicular bone.  The mare was rushed to UC Davis and spent a couple of weeks there having multiple procedures and being watched around the clock.  Her other two mares were moved to a different property immediately and all was well with them.

On Friday of last week, Qasaama had to be put down due to complications from her injury.

And six days later she has lost her youngest.  Nell.

There is nothing that can be said when something like this happens.  As a fellow horse person, I can empathize with what my friend is feeling.  As a person that had fallen in love with this little 4 year old, I am hurting.  But I am not feeling this like my friend is.  A horse fills a big part of your heart, and leaves a big hole when they are gone.  There is no way to fix this except time.

For Diane.  And for all of those out there who have lost your partners, your babies, your friends, your heart, your energy, and your love.  To lose is immeasurably hard, but to have loved and lived is a miracle.

We love you.